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Doraemon Monaka Chocolate Wafer

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Enjoy cute Doraemon in a die-cut shape, light and airy wafer cookie with a creamy and creamy chocolate filling! 

  • one (1) Doraemon shaped wafer 
  • creamy chocolate filling
  • expiration date: April 2024

honest review by my daughter: “10 out of 10! Very good! It’s a yummy snack to munch on.” 

Disclaimer: Prop 65 label is required by law in the state of California. It is a statewide initiative that requires businesses to inform consumers about possible exposure to chemicals that may cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This warning may cause concern, but it's stamped on everyday items from plastic food packaging, beverages, vitamin supplements, baby food and household products. 

imported from japan/for sale in japan only but approved by license 

paper treats llc -  california licensed 

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